The ORIGINAL Band of Brothers® Tour

This is the ORIGINAL Band of Brothers® Tour. Our founder, Stephen E. Ambrose wrote the book, “Band of Brothers.” We ran the first Band of Brothers® Tour in 2002.

Any tour company that has come along since then is just copying us.

Our ORIGINAL Band of Brothers® Tour is based on the recollections of the paratroopers themselves and the extensive research of Dr. Ambrose and the editors of Military History Quarterly and World War II magazines.

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Stephen Ambrose Band of Brothers® Tours is an AMERICAN-OWNED, FAMILY-OPERATED company.

Stephen Ambrose Band of Brothers® Tours is operated by Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, America’s premier historical tour company that was founded by America’s premier historian and best-selling author, Stephen E. Ambrose.

Today, we continue to preserve his legacy with our WWII tours, expanding the carefully conceived and executed heritage itineraries inspired by his life’s work. Explore our WWII tours, including D-Day to the Rhine Tour, Iwo Jima Tour and Operation Overlord Tour. LEARN MORE >




Our Band of Brothers® Tour was created by Stephen E. Ambrose, the author of the best-selling book, Band of Brothers, and co-executive producer of the epic Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers.

Our Band of Brothers® Tour is based on his book and the personal recollections of the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne who shared their stories with Stephen Ambrose and our historians.

It is the ORIGINAL Band of Brothers® Tour!



Dick Winters and How the Original Band of Brothers® Tour Began

    By Chris Anderson, Senior Historian I’ve been thinking about my friend and mentor Richard “Dick” Winters a lot recently. Probably because this is the time of year when I’m usually in the midst of a Band of Brothers® Tour and I’m missing the thrill of showing people where Easy Company made history. Since … >>

Easy Company Member George Luz: A Son Remembers

We are delighted to share “Through My Father’s Eyes,” a video by George Luz, Jr. about his father, Easy Company member George Luz. George originally shared stories of his father, who was a paratrooper with the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, with his local PBS station in Rhode Island in an episode called “Hometown Hero.” He has graciously … >>