This tour is special. There is nothing else like it.

– Major Dick Winters, The Commander of Easy Company

I received your letter today. Asking me if I enjoyed the tour, I sure did. Buck told me I would enjoy it very much. It was so much more than I expected. The tour guides (Ron, Jake and Mark) were great. They were so helpful with Buck and me. Buck is 87 and he needed some help sometimes and they were always there to help. I’m a little bit younger than Buck but I needed some help sometimes also. Buck never talked about his time in Easy Co., but I learned more of what he did in the army when we were on tour. He is quite a person and always was. I took one hundred and five pictures and I’m showing them to my family and friends. I had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting me go with Buck. I know Elaine would have liked to go but she is not up to it. Thanks again for letting me have such a great two weeks, and I met some great people on the tour also.

– Bob Taylor, WWII Veteran, Participant, Band of Brothers Tour

I think I can speak for Ed Mauser [Easy Company Veteran], who finally became emotional once we got him alone, that this was the most fantastic trip of his life. The Captain on our plane came back to shake his hand, and he received a standing ovation from the entire plane and the crew. Now, the curator of the Strategic Air Command Museum in Omaha has contacted me to put together a WWII Veterans’ reunion in the upcoming months and will be flying in as many members of Easy Company as possible. I hope all of you enjoyed the trip as much as I did and of course as much as Ed did. Thanks for sharing two weeks of your lives with us.


– Brian Kruse

I wanted to write you and express my deepest gratitude for your help in organizing such a memorable tour. I would highly recommend the Band of Brothers experience to anyone, and frankly, hope to find myself on another one of your tours very soon.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have met such wonderful people and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the experience through the eyes of a true veteran-our guide Buck Taylor-it truly brought such a special element to the trip.

The accommodations and food were outstanding and I feel very lucky to have experienced things I know I would not have on other tours-I attribute this to the special relationships Stephen Ambrose Tours has cultivated over the years. For example, the private dinner at the Eagle¹s Nest was the pinnacle of the trip for me. I appreciated the fact that all details were thoughtfully planned out-everything seemed smooth and effortless.

As a history buff, I looked forward to this trip with great anticipation and you exceeded my expectations to the fullest. I thank you very much and look forward to traveling with you again.

Warm regards,

– Jim Compton, Participant, Band of Brothers Tour

I have just returned from your “Band of Brothers Tour.”

In doing business, and dealing with lots of businesses, I find that many make promises and do not carry them out. I find a few that even promise big, and for the most part fail to meet goals even remotely.

I must say it is an incredible surprise to find a business that not only promises big, but delivers even bigger!

I knew I was on a special tour, when on our first day in England, we were met by 101st Airborne reinactors. I knew it was special when in Holland, we climbed up in the steeple of a church used by Major Winters to see German troop locations. I knew it was special when we went on the guided tour of underground bunkers at Berchtesgaden. None of this was advertised nor promised. And the final dinner at the Eagle¹s Nest was probably the most memorable.

One would be remiss to fail to mention the leader of the tour. Ron Drez was the history professor you wanted in college, but couldn¹t get because his classes were always full. He was great. He was so enthusiastic each and every morning as we loaded onto the bus. I was fortunate to share lunch with Ron on a few occasions, and his stories were fascinating, plus he
didn¹t mind answering questions I knew he had answered many, many times before.

I should add that the meals were great. There were no problems with our hotel rooms. France has not mastered the science of modern plumbing yet, but that wasn¹t your problem. Our bus driver, Hija, maneuvered the bus like an F1 racecar throughout Europe. I would be remiss not to include the additional support by Jake Powers, Chad Weisensel, and Melissa Zweinbaum.

To tell you how great this trip was, everyone has been asking me about it, and I just grin, but no words come out. There aren’t words to tell how great it was. I look forward to making another tour with you in the future.


– Keith Buchanan

I’m writing to you to ask you to tell the entire staff how perfect the recent Band of Brothers Tour was for all of us! The group was unusually congenial, and every moment of the tour was just spectacular—we ladies agreed that each day outdid the preceding one, and that’s a difficult thing to accomplish. Lee and I, personally, enjoyed wholly each activity (as did Lee’s brother) and we especially appreciated the very knowledgeable (and entertaining!) commentary by Ron, Jake, and Mark. I’ve just selected and ordered 179 of the 680 pictures my husband-cameraman took, and I’m looking forward to creating a huge scrapbook which will enable us to enjoy this trip for years to come. We are so grateful to Mark for contacting us originally about the tour, and also to you for your kind answers to my emails before we left. I think you’re looking for comments to improve the tour—and actually, everything was just great! You might mention to the ladies that there are not hairdryers in each hotel (we had three rooms with them of the seven hotels); and I’m glad my friend clued me in to the no washcloth, no top sheet customs in Europe! These, however, are extremely minor matters which I just tell you because you asked for suggestions—they’re not a criticism… In a few days I’ll try uploading some group pictures of our tour, which, I repeat, was absolutely perfect and the experience of a lifetime! Thanks so much for the help all of you granted us!

– Liz Eilers, Participant, Band of Brothers Tour